Platinum Kush | Hybrid | Medusa Extracts



Platinum Kush | Medusa Extracts

Size: 14G | 28G

Platinum Kush was brought into this world by combining two legends: Master Kush and an original Afghani strain. Both of these strains are ultra-potent, and you’ll be left reeling after 1-2 puffs. Consider this strain as your cure for pain, stress, and depression. After her curative effects hit you, you’ll see the world in a bright new light. The Platinum Kush cannabis strain was bred to cure you of all your worries. If you’re in need of a strain that’ll relax you with its bouquet of hashy-spice with its sweet and earthy taste, then look no further than this platinum-level marijuana strain.


3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G


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